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Washington's Premier Baseball Program


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Washington Baseball Academy was established in 2019 and has quickly become a competitive force in the Seattle area. 


Washington Baseball Academy trains out of two Go Time Athletics indoor training facilities, conveniently located in Georgetown and West Seattle.  All of our players have full access to the facilities to train and work on their game.  In addition, Go Time Athletics has a HitTrax system for all of the WBA players/teams to use and for our 14U-18U players there is a Rapsodo pitching system available to help with the development of our pitchers.. 

There is also a full-weight room for all of our high school players to use.


Founded with the goal of helping players reach higher levels of play through quality coaching, training, workouts, and guidance - while embracing a true love of the sport - Washington Baseball Academy has grown to 12 teams for the ages 9U-18U.

Our training coaches have played at the college and professional level, which gives our players the benefit of their insights, experience and high-caliber training. 

We are dedicated to helping each one of our players improve their on-field skills and knowledge of the game.

In addition to teaching the fundamentals of the game, we provide a nutrition program, and a speed, agility and strength program for our players to improve on their athleticism.  

We require our players to work hard in the classroom as well as on the field.  It is a priority for all of our players to excel in the classroom and we will assist those players who may need additional support with their studies.

For players wanting to play in college, we will do our best to help those players find a school they can attend and continue playing the game they love. 

Washington Baseball Academy is a part of Washington Athletic Academy.

Washington Athletic Academy also runs Washington Fastpitch Academy and Seattle Volleyball Academy.

Congratulations to all of our Seniors

To date all of Washington Baseball Academy graduates are playing in college

or offered a spot on a college team.


Class of 2024 Players Committed

Miles Chandler - Washington State University

David Herrin - Swathmore College

Bobby Trigg - Bellevue College

Aiden Valdez - Centralia CC

Players in College

Class of 2023

Jake Lockwood - Everett CC

Ryan Moore - Wenatchee Valley CC

Enzo Angelo - Clackamas CC/Post Grad Sports AZ

Class of 2022 

Nate Rasmussen - Bellevue College/Bushnell University

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